Bibliophile Ramblings

I’ve been planning out the “living books” for the coffee table in upcoming months, as we continue on our blitz (ok, so it’s a slow blitz) through the ages before zooming in on American History. Finding age appropriate books on the World Wars, Vietnam and Korea was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to some great online friends, and a few really neat websites, like A Book in Time, I’ve about gotten it covered.

Many of the selections were available at the library–Some are books I already own.  Often, however, that “just right”book requires (um, yeah, requires) purchasing. As I’ve compiled my lists, checked the library (so thrilled I can do that online), and finally comparison shopped, sometimes a book is SO familiar to me that I’m SURE I already own it. Is it camouflaged on a shelf, or am I remembering it from living with my nose stuck in curriculum catalogs for much of the past 7 years?

I was commenting to Ken about how neat it would be to have all our books logged on LibraryThing. It would make book-sharing a dream. Local homeschooling friends or my sister could see what books they could borrow from me instead of buying! LibraryThing is free, but the work of entering in every book’s ISBN sounds rather overwhelming–we uh… have lots of books. Perhaps in a year or two when I have several slaves (er… children) typing well… Two of the children are proficient at ten-key now, so that option already has potential.

…But then I was over at Timberdoodle for their Swansong sale and saw this!

Way cool gizmo that I can't justify buying!

Oh… the temptation! Now if it were ½ the price I’d do it. I’ve inadvertently purchased duplicate books before–despite trying to be careful, and between the convience and the savings, it would be worth it.  It isn’t often I find myself yearning for a techno-gadget, but one that helps me keep track of BOOKS, books, books and more books is my flavor indeed!

The father of Renaissance Artist Raphael is supposed to have said, “A poorly shelved book is a lost book.”   Whether the painter’s father actually said this, I can’t confirm, but it is a true saying regardless.  Perhaps I need to get us all busy entering ISBNs on LibraryThing.


2 thoughts on “Bibliophile Ramblings

  1. oh my gosh, I have been reading your blog in its entirety for the past couple weeks now and the more you write, the more I feel we are kindred spirits (to quote Anne). I emailed you with a few nagging questions, and hoping that we could be friends, but perhaps you didn't get it? it was from themahnkens AT hotmail. please please please post a comment or write back and just let me know whether you received it or not, and I promise I will no longer bug you if don't want me to. thank you so much and Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Veronica

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