Baby and me

I passed a milestone a week or so ago!  I now weigh more than I think I ever have!  It is actually WONDERFUL news, as I tend to loose weight most pregnancies, and really don’t have any to loose.  It isn’t fun or healthy to be too sick to gain in pregnancy, and while the babies have always gotten what they needed, it is wonderful for my body that I’m keeping food down this time!  I’m presently about 8 pounds ABOVE my pre-pregnancy weight!   The past few months morning sickness has become ONLY morning sickness–not all day!  Such a blessing.

I’ve been tired and fighting migraines, but am obviously getting nourishment!  It is odd to find jumpers that have previously fit fine at 9 months are getting snug.

Baby appears to be growing well, and all reports from the midwife are positive.  I’m 31 weeks along.

The new baby isn’t the only one growing.  Due to a combination of early potty training and slender children, we’ve never purchased diapers beyond the diaper size 3.  With Keegan now weighing more than his older sister Keianna, we recently bought size 4’s for him.

I’ve been tired and slothful, so we’ve been doing great with schooling.  Other things aren’t getting done, but the children love school, and teaching/guiding their studies is fairly sedentary on my part, so we’ve probably done  more school days this month than ever before!  Because Ken so often works 6-7 days a week, Monday-Saturday are all “eligable” as school days here.  While we don’t always do 6 days a week, and often do only four, we are as likely to skip a Tuesday as a Saturday.  January, however has been odd in that most weeks we’ve done school every day but Sunday.  It is a joy to see them  delight in learning.


5 thoughts on “Baby and me

  1. It is a real answer to prayer that you are retaining nourishment this pregnancy. I am so very glad! Continue in health and in God's grace. It is also a lot of fun to hear about the kid/s adverntures in learning.

    Really weird – I was sure I was hear when I first made this comment, but it showed up attached to your previous posting, so I re-posted.

    Grumpy Dave

  2. (definitely NOT in other ways, but that's a whole 'nother story!!..)
    I have always had a hard time gaining weight as well, and I've all ready gained 9 pounds!! I was so happy! I'm 25 weeks now, you have a little catching up to do!! I've also never had to by much for maternity, not usually needing much until 7 months along or so, but this time I was begging my sister for clothes by 4 months! I've accumulated much more now, between a bit of shopping, my sister, and my pastor's wife, and I'm excited to go to church in something different this week!
    I'm very glad and praising the Lord for your health and weight gain, and hope it continues! Not too much further!!

  3. I have tagged you, please stop by my blog for the info.

    I am happy to hear that you and the baby are both doing well. I am happy for you that the morning sickness isnt as bad as you have had in the past. I had terrible morning sickness as well. I feel for you.

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