Outing days

We prairiefrogs are homebodies in general, but the last two days have been outing days.  Usually errands leave me drained, but these were relaxing times out, and I’m no more exhausted than I am on an average day of hauling around my ever growing tummy!

Yesterday was the girl’s monthly “group lesson” for piano, and a great favorite for them as they play music related games with the other children in the studio.  (I’m never quite sure how much music theory is acquired at these sessions, but I cover a lot of theory here at home, and they have a grand time with the other piano students.)  While they played, I sat in the background, reading the latest issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!  (I was quite glad that I checked the mail on the way to piano lessons.)

Today I FINALLY took Kaira out for pie and tea at a local pie shop.  Ken and I had decided that for every math “grade level” finished, I’d take the child completing the book out for a one-on-one time.  Kaira finished up first grade math months ago, and I just now managed to take her on her promised outing.  At the rate she is going through this next grade-level, I knew I’d better hurry or I’d owe her TWO outings soon.

It was such fun to see the sparkle in her eyes at the sight of her enormous piece of chocolate cream pie!  I enjoyed the time with my Kaira-girl.  She’s a joy–surprising me with her youthfulness one moment and her maturity the next!


2 thoughts on “Outing days

  1. I certainly have enjoyed browsing through your blog today.
    Thanks for commenting on mine, I hope to add you to my friends list and come back soon for a visit! You have a beautiful family.


  2. It is a real answer to prayer that you are retaining nourishment this pregnancy. I am so very glad! Continue in health and in God's grace. It is also a lot of fun to hear about the kid/s adverntures in learning.
    <br>Grumpy Dave

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