Like father, Like son?

Or perhaps not.

Keegan didn’t inherit his daddy’s aversion to neckties.  In nearly twelve years of marriage I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my husband in a tie.

A bunch of boy’s ties came in the mail from the Rebels, and Keegan got to wear one to church yesterday.  He was SO proud!  I think he walked up to every person at church, holding up his tie for their admiration, saying, “Tie! Tie!” The pastor (one of the first people Keegan strutted up to before the service) even complemented Keegan’s tie from the pulpet.

It probably helped (hindered?) that he had three older sisters oohh-ing and aah-ing over him, telling him how handsome he was.


10 thoughts on “Like father, Like son?

  1. Awww… how precious!
    He's so handsome!

    My son likes ties, too.
    Well, he doesn't like when/if they choke him, but he does like wearing them. A while back, I had him pick a tie out for Sunday morning and he came downstairs in a bowtie. It was so cute.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Maybe he will persuade Daddy… *Ü*

    ~ Christina

  2. absolutely precious… it seems like you have some truly adorable babies!!!! 🙂

    How is your pregnancy going? You are in my prayers!

  3. Aw! I love it when our son wears his late Grandfather's ties – so adorable. Although I'm not so keen when my husband passes on his love of CRAVATS! Love, Lucy

  4. My husband doesn't care for ties, either, but my 3 boys absolutely love to wear ties. They will even occasionally attach a tie to a polo shirt and want to leave the house that way with jeans and boots, of course. I don't get it, but it is cute and they stand much taller when they wear a tie.

  5. I love those clip on ties for my boys. They love wearing them too! I find mine at the 2nd hand store. But Wal-Mart has shirt and tie combos. I try to get them matching sets every once in a while. Ü

    Thanks for sharing the photos. CUTE!!


  6. Dell, he is too cute for words! My boys love to wear ties. I try to get pictures everytime they do it. I can imagine the day when they hate them. Of course, C loves to wear bow ties! LOL

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