Latin Scholars

Ever since our Latin Primers arrived (several months ago) the girls have been begging for them!  Kaira especially has long enjoyed finding new Latin words in her astronomy book, and was eager for more.

Cruel mommy that I am, I made them wait to begin their gentle introduction to this noble language alongside our Ancient Rome study.  (Although our study of Latin will continue long after we’ve left ancient Rome in ruins and moved on to study later civilizations.)

Kaira and Kendra sit together, turning the pages of the primer while listening to the CD.  I’ll probably have them spend about a month of daily listening on each book until they have it pretty much memorized.  Already, after just two days, they are quoting sections to each other!  These little primers are “just right” for giving a little bit of exposure–which is all I’m looking for at this age.

Here are my little scholars, intent on their primer:


5 thoughts on “Latin Scholars

  1. I loved your coffeetable idea of keeping books out for the kids. My husband doesn't like them spread all over the place, so I placed them in a nice basket so it could be removed fairly easily (it's a little heavy).

    At Christmas time, I put out a selection of Christmas books that my kids enjoy. It helped me to remember to read them to my kids and also gave them the opportunity to read or flip through them (depending on their age).

    Now we're studying Early Civilizations and focusing on Ancient Egypt. We have a nice selection of books from the library on mummies, King Tut, How Children Lived, etc. and, in their spare time, I see them reading the books. I love it. My 6 year old especially loves one about King Tut's tomb lost and found that is at her reading level and both of the older ones like to quote information on the mummification process to me.

    I am having both of them do a notebooking project on Egypt because of their high interest in it and I'm having it tie into the Hebrews exodus from Egypt. Fun for mom too.

    I might check out the Latin Primers you mentioned. Starting them when you did sounds like an excellent idea.

  2. I'm sorry to tag you when i don't really know you. I found you through random blog a week ago or so. I love your site and the whole Prairie Frog theme is clever. I've enjoyed hearing your "heart" in your posts; very sweet.
    Anyhow, this is a tag for "07 Weirdest Things"

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