She’s off and spinning!

After a lot of bewilderment, I think we figured it out!  Ken was much quicker than I was with understanding the basics of the drop spindle.  As is characteristic of me, I didn’t even know which end was up!  (Quite literally this time, as I was trying to use the spindle upside down.)

None of us managed nice uniform yarn, but I think we mastered the general concept, and Kaira was entranced with the process, gleaning great satisfaction in watching the wool spin beneath her fingertips!  The look of rapture on her face as she exclaimed a breathless, “YARN!!!” was priceless.  I think she can continue perfecting her new skill from this point!

Thanks Sadie for the links you left in the comments!  A couple of them I’d seen previously, but the one for the Monroe Historical Society was especially helpful–perhaps because of the simplicity of the illustrations.

The children are now pretending to be spindles themselves–whirling in circles until they collapse from dizziness.


2 thoughts on “She’s off and spinning!

  1. That is soooooooo neat! She looks so excited!

    Is she going to knit or crochet anything with her yarn? Eventually? Or felt something?Edited by Kristy on Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 7:13 PM

  2. I watched Grandma spin so much when I was little that I actually spun without ever being taught when a state representive visited at a museum where Grandma worked. He asked me if I could spin, I said, "Yes" and proceeded to show him. It was the first time I'd ever sat at a spinning wheel! LOL!

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