General schoolish update

School is zipping right along this week.

Kaira is really enjoying the Calvert Math, and begs, “Can’t I just do ONE MORE lesson?”  The novelty may wear off.  But then… knowing Kaira, it may not!  She’s passed her geography requirements and is now focusing a bit more on catching up in music theory.  History, Language Arts and things are moving right along.

Kendra is doing well with her school stuff.  She’s particularly enjoyed our last few history lessons on the Persian Kings Darius and Xerxes (Ahasuerus).  They enjoyed hearing about how Darius through a kingly temper tantrum and had the water whipped and beaten by soldiers when it destroyed (via a storm) the ship bridge they’d constructed to cross to the other side.  And, of course, Darius’ son  Xerxes is a great favorite with the girls, due to their familiarity with the book of Esther.

We will be heading into ancient Rome after the next library visit!  Do any of you out there have favorite “living books” for Rome?

Keegan and Keianna are having fun with baby math and letters.  Keegan’s rendition of the ABC song is amusing, as the letters are random.  (He also mixes it up with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which his sisters play on the piano frequently.)

My apologies for being behind on answering a few questions left in the comments!  I’ll try to get to those soon!  My brain has been even more scattered than usual lately.


3 thoughts on “General schoolish update

  1. Nice job with your timeline. Are you using Mystery of History? Those timeline figures/pictures would be great with our studies too!

    Looks like you have been one busy momma! Great job.

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