Fun Reading Tests

I enjoyed tests as a child–I saw them as a game.  So far my children are the same way.Just for fun I had them do a couple of reading assessments last year about this time.  We did the same two tests this year and it was fun to see that each child had jumped up two grade levels on this particular facet of reading skills.  These two tests are just word decoding and pronunciation.  They don’t test for vocabulary or comprehension/retention.

Here’s a very quick little test.  We did the first one from the top of the web-page, the one that says, “Reading words – Decoding”.

Here’s the 2nd test my girls took.  It will open as a pdf file in Adobe.

If nothing else, they are kinda fun.


3 thoughts on “Fun Reading Tests

  1. I clicked over to the first test and it looks like fun. Very simple – I like that!
    Hope you are having a good week.

  2. Hi Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I know what you mean about the price of Calvert's math. It is pretty expensive!!! My kiddos are really enjoying it.

  3. I really liked these little tests and all three came out with the same assessment of each of my five children. Kaitlyn and Jordan are reading at a 7th grade level, Ian and Noah are reading at a 4th grade level and Hannah is reading at a 2nd grade level. That means two children are "behind", one is right AT "grade level" and two are "ahead".

    Then, I just reminded them all that "grade level" is man-made and it is just most important to do their best to be who GOD created them to be!!!

    Funny thing is that Noah was the only one who cried and he is VERY ahead… he just wanted to be FURTHER ahead than he was! 🙂

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