Keianna Turns Three!

For weeks we’ve been trying to find out what Keianna wanted for her birthday dinner.  Any time we asked, she talked only of wanting to blow out the candles!  Each attempt to discover what she wanted for the dinner itself resulted in a lot of excited chatter about candles.  (Always complete with a demonstration of just how she would blow them  out!)  We even contemplated just choosing the menu for her, but serving each course with candles in it for her blowing pleasure!

Finally we made a breakthrough.  We explained that she would have her cake (AND CANDLES!) at home, but asked whether she wanted the dinner at home or a restaurant.  She said restaurant–specifically the “waterfall restaurant” (Also known as the Armadillo).

She gloried in the whole celebration, from being sung to at the restaurant while wearing an enormous sombrero to the grand finale of blowing out the candles on her cake at home.  Her presents were a definite hit.  We gave her some lacing block/bead things, and the biggest hit of all–a dolly with hair!  Her squeals and giggles from the moment she opened the box told us the doll was to become much loved.  I don’t think she stopped giggling and from that point until bedtime.  Today she is busily brushing (and brushing, and brushing…)  the dolly’s hair.

Happy Birthday to Keianna Noelle!  Our little Christmas song!


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