Online United States Geography Resources

The children don’t use the computer much (at this stage) in our school, but on certain things it is a great mommy-extender. Right now, as we head toward Christmas, we are wrapping up some loose ends and drilling a few things that are just short of mastery.

One of our objectives for Kaira this year is that she be able to place all 50 states on the map readily. Outline map worksheets and conventional puzzles are great, but this week we’ve let her use a few of online resources as well.

This one from Owl & Mouse is great!

The one from Sheppards Software is fun too–It has many different options for level of difficulty.

And if you want MORE, this “pass the 3rd grade” one is addicting.


2 thoughts on “Online United States Geography Resources

  1. Thanks for your compliments on my blog!! It means a lot to me considering the source!

    Hope your pregnancy is going well.

    Love that 3rd grade game site! I failed!! 😦 I guess that’s why it’s addicting. You feel the need to prove yourself.

    Cute pics of the silly faces. 🙂

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