Without Pretension

This morning, like most mornings, after the children were dressed they came out to give me hugs and morning greetings!

First Keianna came up to me with a big smile and a hug. “Goodmorning mommy! You have a big nose, mommy!”

Then Kendra rounded the corner, with her sweet sunshine smile, snuggling up close she patted my belly (five months pregnant) and said, “You have a BIG belly, mommy!”

I was still laughing at Kendra’s comment as Keegan came running up, arms out-stretched  for me to lift him into my lap. After giving me one of his signature bear-hugs, he pointed at a pimple on my chin and said, “Mommy owie!”

Well, with my acne, big nose and enormous belly, I must be quite a fright!

Children–quite without pretense!  (But it may be time for some further lessons on tact!)


3 thoughts on “Without Pretension

  1. Oh my goodness… that one made me laugh! One time my little goddaughter told her mommy that her bottom jiggles when there is a baby in her tummy!!!! Now this is a very polite, good little girl, so her mommy could not be angry with her, but maybe it was a bit of a wound to her pride, I think!

  2. We need some tact lessons at our house also. The other day while snuggled up doing reading with Chase he said "Mom you have hair on you lip!" "Yes I know" "Mom, you should shave, I dont want a mom with a mustach!!" I laughed for 10 minutes, but after we got back to the reading I could sense him still looking at my upper lip. Aren't they fun.Edited by Mommy2fourCs on Friday, December 1, 2006 at 8:27 AM

  3. Yes, children with no pretense are so funny, but ouch, it can sure hurt sometimes. LOL! I’ve had to give many lessons on tact over the years. Nothing serious, just little reminders of how we don’t want to hurt someone, even if we know that wasn’t our intention, it’s how it’s perceived by the other person.

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