An early start on Advent

Advent officially begins next Sunday, but, being non-conformists, we began our advent readings a week early. We decided an early start might be wise with Ken’s crazy schedule.  Since Advent is all about awaiting “the Coming”, our haste to begin gives meaning to the phrase “hurry up and wait.”

We’ve done a full rotation through Mr Ytreeide’s three advent books over the past several years, and are back to the beginning, re-reading Jotham’s Journey.  I’m envisioning something different as the children are older–perhaps something with more scripture, but the Jotham series is great for now.

Keegan enjoyed sitting on my lap playing with his Nutcracker Prince as Ken read the story and led us in prayer. Here’s my happy little guy–with me edited out.  (The camera has a knack for catching me mid-blink, but Keegan was too cute to scrap the photo.  Photoshop is great!):


2 thoughts on “An early start on Advent

  1. Dell,
    That is some great photoshopping and a very cute picture! We are going to celebrate Advent for the first time this year. I just went to town, bought supplies, and made an Advent wreath this evening. I posted some pictures on my blog. I’m really excited about it!!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

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