WHAT is a television?

This question was asked by my eldest child tonight!

Tonight at dinner we were laughing, being silly, and just generally having fun. I looked across the table at Ken and said, “Why do people with children need television?”

Seven year old Kaira piped up and asked, “What is a television?”

Then after a moment (as we stared at her and each other in bewilderment) she said, “Oh! You look through it to see planets and things!”

We reminded her that is a telescope. “Oh, yeah!”

Then we asked her, “When we show you a video, what do we turn on?”

Suddenly it occurred to her, “Oh! Yes! Television!”

While our television is usually hidden in an armoire–out of sight and mind–the children do watch occasional videos. We aren’t THAT weird!  (Really, we aren’t…  Ok, some who know me are rolling their eyes…)

I’m sure it was just momentary confusion amid the goofiness of the evening, as it isn’t like Kaira to forget what a telescope is either. (This is the same child that just yesterday was giving her siblings a lengthy but spontaneous dissertation on “mass”, “matter” and atomic theory.)

5 thoughts on “WHAT is a television?

  1. Hi . Thanks for putting me on the front porch. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have two sick kids. They are running high fevers and have blister in their throat from the virus. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Dell,
    I should be so lucky! My kiddos know all too well about the television. We really need to cut back a lot. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  3. I would really like to eliminate the TV.

    We do not use the TV at all except about 6 or 7 pm , when it is dark out and I’m TIRED and we pop in a LHOTP video or some other video (we get no TV stations here 🙂 )

    What do you do in the evenings? I know I could read to them or play games but by 7pm (and getting up at 5-5:30am) I am bushed and have read so much already to the boys…. I just feel like it gives me a bit of a break…I know when they are older and can read on their own that will be SOOOO nice we’ll all relax and read quietly.

    This is something dh and I have been discussing because he knows how tired I am by that time of evening.

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