Kaira’s scholarly pursuits

My little Kaira is working diligently today, finishing her last 1st grade Math assignment.  The final chapter was a hit, and both Kaira and Kendra have been fascinated with weighing things on the balance scale.  She’s mastered all the material quite well, but I think we’ll do a week of concentrated “fact firming” drill before launching into her 2nd grade book.

She is also quite intent on practicing penmanship these days, as she rises to the challenge of addressing envelopes to mail thank-you-notes.  It has proven to be a fantastic handwriting assignment!  Not only must she space her printing carefully to fit on the envelope, but the knowledge that it must be legible enough for the postman  provides outside motivation!


8 thoughts on “Kaira’s scholarly pursuits

  1. What math is that that she’s using right there?? And what math did you decide to go with next?? I might just email you some questions.

  2. Dell,
    She is so cute with her seriously concentrating expression. I know you have to be so pleased with how well she is doing. Oh, and I was wondering how you are doing with your pregnancy. Are the kids all excited?
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  3. just wanted to let you know i enjoyed perusing your blog tonight. i found you through someone else’s blog. can’t even remember who now. i love all your pictures. your girls are beautiful. i have three boys and then finally a baby girl (well, she’s 2.5 now) and she is such a delight. i bought her a baby bottle for her dolls today. A baby Bottle!!!!!! who would have ever thought such a thing would exist in my house???
    blessings to you all

  4. I think that Kaira and Sophie would really enjoy each other! How far is Cheyenne from Laramie? Our pastor and wife are moving to Laramie next summer. It would be fun to have tea with you! Thanks for the invite. You are equally welcome to stop here for a visit if you ever have time when in Denver! ourside at gmail dot com

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