Big Boy Bed

Keegan graduated from his crib to a big boy bed!  He was quite proud of himself, and snuggled right in.  When I got him up after nap he looked so smug.

The children always look so tiny in a big bed at first.


8 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed

  1. Dell,
    that’s just precious. They DO look so tiny when they first get into them, don’t they? And soon enough, they’re just floppin’ all over that bed, hangin’ off, all over. sniff. sniff… sunrise, sunset….


  2. He does look so tiny. How sweet! I have to say I really like the way his bed is tucked into that nook. (I hope I said that right!) It is so pretty and so is his bedding!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  3. He looks adorable in there! Moving into a big bed is such a huge step. Glad he seems to be enjoying it. My little one will be doing it soon too
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I really appreciate them. They brightened my day!
    You have a lovely blog here. I will be visiting more often to do some reading.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Big boy beds are always exciting!!

    I also wanted to say thank you very much for your comment on my blog…it was very welcomed..thank you for taking the time to share!!! God is still leading and dear husband and I are still listening.

  5. Precious! I love the bedding – did you make it? Our son seems so small in bed too, and if I go into him in the night I can’t find him unless I pat all over the bed to find where he is! Love, Lucy x

  6. Thanks for the comments on his bedding. I didn’t make it, my dear, sweet mother-in-law made the quilts and pillows. (I did cobble together a matching valance, but quilting is an adventure I’ve yet to try.)

    Three cheers for my mother-in-law!

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