Eventful evening at the polls

After piano lessons the eldest two girls accompanied me to vote. We were standing in line, just inside the doorway, surveying the parade of people before us.  I held each girls hand, still cold from our walk across the parking lot, and we chatted about the voting process.

Kendra wanted to know what “prize” the people that won the elections would get, and I tried to explain in four-year-old terms that the “prize” was that they would be the ones to hold certain jobs in official government capacities.

As Kaira inquired about the tallying of votes, a man on the other side of the room opened a door and an ear-splitting alarm sounded! He jumped back quite dramatically. In a voice loud enough to be heard above the din, he expressed bewilderment that there was no sign on the door warning that it was an emergency exit. Others went to examine the door, but no one moved to evacuate.

I glanced around, wanting to ensure there really wasn’t an emergency, then bent down and quickly explained to the girls about the ear-piercing noise we were hearing, and gave a mini-lesson on fire drills and fire safety.

At that point I noticed… my little Kendra–her hand (the one I wasn’t holding) resting on a fire alarm, positioned about my waist-heigh on the wall behind us!

We were all finally asked to evacuate as firemen came to confirm that there was no real danger.

Upon completing my ballot we returned to the car, and in addition to learning more about the voting process we reviewed the importance of not touching things in public places. Especially RED things that say, “Fire!”

Voting was a little more exciting that I’d expected it to be tonight.


11 thoughts on “Eventful evening at the polls

  1. That is TOOOO funny. I love it!! I needed that laugh tonight!! Thanks for sharing!
    By the way, great job on Kaira’s dress!! I think you did a great job!

  2. Oh my! I guess that even though it probably wasn’t funny at the time, you AND the girls will never forget the lessons about the voting process! ;D
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  3. you have the most interesting life! I’m not sure whom I feel more sorry for, you or the poor man that got frightened out of his wits! 😀 –adrienne 🙂

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