Pilgrims on the Coffee Table!

Is it possible to blitz slowly?

It seems our blitz through history is sluggish, mostly because I’m rather sluggish lately.  The children have read all the books on ancient Greece many times, but we still aren’t quite to the place in our school studies where I’m planning to bring out the books on Ancient Rome.

So, as we continue to blitz (like molasses) through the ancient world, our coffee table selection will jump ahead a few millennia.  In honor of Thanksgiving (and to the delight of my eldest daughter who has been fascinated with Pilgrims for many months), our coffee table reading features the Pilgrims this month!

I was especially impressed with Stories of the Pilgrims from CLP.

A Light Kindled: The Story of Priscilla Mullins: By Tracy M Leininger
This Beautiful Girlhood book, along with a matching doll dress, was one of Kaira’s birthday presents.  The dress and book are presently available at a discounted price at Vision forum.

N.C.  Wyeth’s Pilgrims: Text by Robert San Souci.
Accurate history, simply presented, and Wyeth’s paintings make this book a treat!

Oh, What a Thanksgiving: By Steven Kroll
This came along with a few of the other books I ordered as part of a “lot” on ebay.  While I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to purchase it, it is a fun little book that parallels our modern Thanksgiving with that in Plymouth Colony–through the imagination of a young boy.

Pilgrim Boy: By Matilda Nordtvedt
We were able to acquire quite a few Abeka books that my children enjoy just for pleasure reading.  This was among them, and Kaira and Kendra have both read it several times.  It is an Abeka 3rd grade book, with comprehension questions and vocabulary words included (although children can ignore these and just read it as a story.)

Three Young Pilgrims: By Cheryl Harness:
A beautiful picture book.  Captivating enough for even a young child, but surprising detailed in information.  Definately a treasure for teaching small folk about the Pilgrims.

Sarah Morton’s Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl: By Kate Waters
Photographs of reenactors on Plymouth Plantation bring Sarah Morton’s story to life.

Samuel Eaton’s Day: A day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy: By Kate Waters
Another photograph-rich book follows a Pilgrim boy as he helps with the Rye harvest.

Stories of the Pilgrims: By Margaret B Pumphrey
This book, from Christian Liberty Press, is outstanding.  Historically accurate, at least according to my recollections of William Bradford’s journals and other accounts from the time, it is rich in both information and appeal.


3 thoughts on “Pilgrims on the Coffee Table!

  1. Dell,
    I just love the way you have chosen to lay out books on the coffee table and how you exchange them according to seasons/studies. That is just such a neat idea. What a wonderful collection of piligrim books too! You have done a smashing job of describing them to us.
    Thanks, Love, & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  2. I just had to comment and let you know I came across your blog this weekend for the first time and I absolutely love it. You have lots of information for this homeschool beginner and I am so thankful~thanks! My children and I just think your growing family is simply precious. So thanks for the insights and inspiration!
    God Bless.~Krystal

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