A new dress for her birthday!

I’ve done jumpers and skirts but was intimidated by collars and sleeves.  I finished sewing a dress!  Just in time to give to her for her 7th birthday today.  (Ignore the shoes, they aren’t right for the dress.  She just tried it on with the shoes she’d been wearing.)

Here’s my birthday girl. (More on her birthday to follow… we will be busy this evening celebrating!)


7 thoughts on “A new dress for her birthday!

  1. Beautiful fabric choices! You did a terrific job! After this next baby is born I can’t wait to get sewing again!
    Keep up all the great work,
    enjoy them all,

  2. I am very impressed…I cannot sew…no on in my family sews, I don’t know anyone IRL who sews…so my chances are slim….but I am very impressed.

    PS: We have the same green glider chair!!! Mine is old and worn, we just purchased it when we found out I was pregnant last time for $5 at a yardsale with a foot ‘glider’.

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