Fall Cleaning and Winterizing

Are you winterized?

Spring and fall are excellent times to do less frequent cleaning tasks like washing the outside windows, cleaning the curtains or valances and shampooing carpets. “Spring Cleaning” might have more glory, but it is also nice to know we’ve “mucked out” before buttoning everything up tight for winter.

Begin outdoors by hosing off the house, then scrub down the exterior doors to keep your entrance inviting. Clean out gutters and check the weather stripping around the windows. If you live where it freezes, disconnect outdoor hoses. Put away cushions on the patio furniture and give the grill a thorough cleaning.

Investing in good, dirt-grabbing exterior door mats really pays off. They help stop winter mud, slush, and dirt before it gets in your door, and save your flooring (and your patience) wear and tear.

Returning inside, inspect your heater, air conditioner, and fireplace and perform any needed maintenance. Smoke detector batteries should be checked too. Replace furnace filters, clean out the dryer vent, and vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator. Clean the oven to have it ready for holiday baking.

In anticipation of holiday gifts, sort through the children’s toys discarding broken or outgrown items. Examine the bookshelves; Box up books and curriculum no longer needed and sell it to buy books that fit your present studies. Tidy the closets, and declutter, donating items no longer useful.

Our fall cleaning even includes the dog! An autumn bath minimizes odor and fur through the winter.

(Photo depicts a winterized door complete with exterior mat,

and a fully-winterized dog.)

(This article is cross-posted from my Taming The Chaos column on the HSB Company Blog)


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