Group Birthday!

The Prairiefrog Birthday season has begun!

Ken and my Dad share a birthday (yesterday) and all the children’s birthdays, as well as my own are in the next two months.  This weekend my parents came up for a combined birthday party with a castle theme.  We had a grand time and I’m sure the children will cherish rich memories from this weekend.

I’d mentioned on this blog once how neat the Schleich World of Knights series would be for the children, and guess what?  A loyal blog reader got it for us!  (Ok, the “loyal blog readers” were my parents, thanks Mom and Dad!)

The children have been entranced with the castle and figures!  (We big kids have been playing with it too.) The drawbridge on the castle is very neat, and the figures are so detailed!   The first thing Keianna asks when she gets up from nap is, “I go play castle?”

When we get to the middle-ages in our history studies they’ll have even more fuel for their imaginations as they play with this great set!

Here’s some pictures from our party.  (My mom made the cake!)


2 thoughts on “Group Birthday!

  1. Andrew says your castle is nice! He’s on my lap.

    Thanks for sharing about these wonderful toys. I had never heard of them before, but I studied the display at Target. Now I’ll know to look for them at yard sales and thrift stores, though I think it’s unlikely someone would ever give them away.

    Meredith from Merchant Ships

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