Conversations with clothing

We’ve been switching out the summer and outgrown clothes. Kendra was hilarious to watch as she tried on (and conversed with) each outfit. If a dress fit, she would whisper to it, “Thank you pretty dress for being just my size. Mommy will wash you, and I will wear you…” If it was too small she’d give it a smile and a hug and say, “Goodbye dress. I’ll see you on Keianna someday!”


7 thoughts on “Conversations with clothing

  1. That is so adorable! What a sweet girl you have! I caught up on all your entries I’d missed during my recent travels. CONGRATULATIONS! I love the one where your dear husband buys Mexican instead of the bean soup. What a sweetie!

    Do you know that you have 26 subscribers on Bloglines! Gee whiz! You’re popular! I love your blog, and I guess a lot of others do too.

    Do you know that you’re very much the “perfect” wife/mom/homeschooler that many aspire to be? Really. I say that as an encouragement to you. I know that you’re not perfect, but you do present such a wonderful reflection of what God intended us to be — an ideal to strive for. Thanks!

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