Only in pregnancy

All day long I’d been anticipating dinner. The stockpot is filled with ham and bean soup. Simmering through the day, it filled the house with a homey aroma–a perfect compliment to the crisp autumn weather. It smells like my mom’s used to–hearty, wholesome, and flavorful.

Taste-testing confirmed that it is indeed seasoned to perfection, but suddenly it sounds awful for dinner. I want something mexican and fried.

My dear, sweet, husband must love me bunches, because when I was chuckling about it with him he asked if I’d like him to get take-out. What a man! What a fickle wife! What a great sport he is to accommodate his fickle wife!.

The ham and bean soup will taste even better tomorrow after flavors mingle overnight in the refrigerator.


5 thoughts on “Only in pregnancy

  1. Usually when I’m pregnant I can’t stand the smell of ANYTHING that’s been cooking in the house all day. I’m still trying to work back up to liking lentils. 😉

  2. This post has me giggling! I can totally see how that could happen, being pregnant and all… and yes, I’ll bet that soup will taste even better after sitting overnight! Like a good batch of chili- always better the second day!
    With my growing family I’m thinking I may need to start making two pots, as there isn’t nearly enough leftover when my growing kids are done with supper! I love leftover stews and soups…
    Enjoy them,

  3. Hey Dell, we had perfectly good spagetti ready for supper last night but suddenly I wanted souplantation sooooo badly. Dan is as good a sport as Ken! 🙂 We are blessed indeed! –Adrienne 🙂

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