If you don’t like the weather…

Wait a few hours.(Actually, I rather liked the snow!)

This photo was taken 3 hours after the one in the previous entry:


6 thoughts on “If you don’t like the weather…

  1. Interesting weather, snow one minute, sunshine the next! We wont get our first snow until around Thanksgiving.

    Love the tea party photos below, your Dad looks like he is having a dandy time indeed!

  2. We have a chance of some snow/freezing rain on Friday. I don’t really want the freezing rain since I have to do a lot of driving on Friday but I’ll gladly take the snow 🙂

  3. Wow!!!

    I loved looking at the pics of you all doing school! Your kids are all getting bigger all the time! They look so different than they did a year ago!:)

  4. Only in Wyoming Dell, only in Wyoming LOL. We can have sun, snow, rain, wind, all in the same hour LOL. God has a great sense of humor, dont you think?

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