Of Spartans and such

It is fun watching the girls enjoy history.

Even four year old Kendra gets a lot out of our lessons, and is picking up on the general flow of time and cultures. It doesn’t matter that she mixes up names, calling Lycurgus “Spartan” (Confusing his name up with the name of his city, Sparta.) She can tell us about the Spartan life (or maybe in her mind it is the Lycurgan life), and their values and goals–something many high school students couldn’t do. She has an opinion on the merits of Athenian values vs. Spartan values, and says she’d rather be an Athenian, but thinks being American is best of all–but America didn’t exist yet, so “Spartan” had to live in Greece.

Best of all, she’s fascinated with the whole thing!

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