Gleaning Day!

Every autumn we have a little PrairieFrog holiday called Gleaning Day. It began about 3 years ago when we noticed our daughters enjoyed acting out Bible Stories. We decided to do our own version of the Jewish celebration of Purim in the Spring to remember queen Esther.  It was such a success we created Gleaning Day to focus on the book of Ruth!

Because Ruth gleans at harvest time, we usually have Gleaning Day in late August or early September, but when we create our own holidays, we reserve the right to time-shift them a bit as needed.  This year it time shifted until we were almost into October.  Some years are like that.

We read the entire book of Ruth aloud (it is just four chapters), and send the children out “gleaning”. In Easter-egg-hunt fashion they search for hidden goodie bags in the yard. Each bag has some little surprise. It may be a match box car, a new book, a new card game, or simply some Ruth coloring pages printed online.

Popped wheat is a favorite Gleaning Day treat.  It doesn’t pop up as much as popcorn, but is a tasty treat sprinkled with a little seasoning salt!).  Dinner includes “Golden Fields Pilaf” (Barley) among other harvest treats.

Often the children watch a video with the story of Ruth, and depending on time we play a game like “pass the sandal” (similar to hot potato or musical chairs).



3 thoughts on “Gleaning Day!

  1. I love this idea! Of course, I love celebrating Purim too (as we already talked about) so it doesn’t surprise me. Having the Bible come alive for my kids as opposed to heathen traditions, like Halloween, seems so much more inviting and right.

    Because I lived in Austria for a couple of years when I was a kid, we celebrated St. Nicholas’ Day. My family is definitely not into the worship of saints, but I do like the fact that a godly man with a servant’s heart is remembered for what he truly was, as opposed to a fat man in a red suit. I decided to pass this tradition on to my children and so I always read or tell them the true story of St. Nicholas on the night of Dec. 5th and then fill their shoes while they are sleeping. We never go overboard. Usually it is just an ornament, some candy (you have to include the kind that look like gold coins), a Christmas mug and a package of hot chocolate. Sometimes there is a small toy too. They love it, even though they know that Mom and Dad put the stuff in there. I love homeschooling because we never have to worry about what day it falls on. Of course, it’s always nice when Dec. 6 falls on Daddy’s day off.

  2. I will have to try something like that around here. I think both of my dc would love it!

    BTW, your dc are beautiful as always. Mary loves the dress your oldest has on.

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