Chronology and Genealogy

In history we came to the Kings of the Jews, a familiar topic to my girls. Our lesson focused on David and Solomon, and as they recapped our school time with daddy at dinner I asked, “Who was Solomon’s father?”

Both girls eagerly answered, “David!” I then asked (although it wasn’t covered in our lesson that day), “Who was DAVID’S father?”

After a momentary slight-of-mind that caused her to blurt out, “JESSICA!” (The name of a girl in their piano studio), Kaira corrected herself and remembered, “Jesse!” She went on to continued the genealogy, saying, “And Jesse’s father was Obed!” I was impressed she remembered this from our annual study of Ruth. (Especially since it has been a full year since we’ve covered Ruth.)

Ken asked, “Who was Obed’s father?” Sure enough! Both girls knew that one, “Boaz!”


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