Scope and Sequence Ponderings

While reading over a Scope and Sequence for first grade math I came upon the following, “Estimate quantities to 100 using an anchor”

What does that mean?  I’m visualizing depictions of various quantities of anchors–the student glances at them and estimates how many:

My quirky mental image aside, I’m quite sure they are using the word “anchor” in a more figurative sense… but I’m honestly not grasping exactly what is intended.  (And I thought our PrairieFrog Scope and Sequence for first grade was odd. )

Someone fill me in?


3 thoughts on “Scope and Sequence Ponderings

  1. I think it might mean something along the lines of: if you know from counting or a label that there are nine on the left side, when you saw a group that had about twice (or three times) as many, you could better guess that it was about 18-20 (or 30).

  2. The following is supposed to be a link to a 12 page document that should answer your questions. If the link works – great, but if not contact me and I will email you a MS Word copy of the document.

    When I was on the site, my location bar had a lot more in it than the above. I copied it and reproduced it bellow

    Grumpy Dave
    Edited by Dell on Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 9:17 AM

  3. AH! Thanks for the in depth link, Grumpy Dave! That explained the whole concept quite thoroughly! And it would appear that when applied to estimating quantities to 100 for a first grader, CarrotQueen’s understanding of how to apply it would be right on.

    It sounds like part what our baby math dot cards for the tiny folk accomplishes as well.

    Thanks, CarrotQueen and Grumpy Dave, for helping to anchor me! 🙂

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