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Posted by Mandy
I’m loving the weather changes already!

Would you happen to know what pattern ‘Grandma’ is using for the bloomers

Answer: She began with a “Common Sense Pattern” (Scroll to the bottom of the page linked to see the bloomers.)  I think she’s made some minor adaptations to the pattern through the years and she makes ankle length for winter and above the knee for summer, but I know that’s the pattern she started with.

Posted by mominpa

May I ask how you freeze the peaches? We live amidst apple/peach orchards and to freeze them would be wonderful….are their any secrets to this?

Answer: I’m not sure this is the method any experts would suggest.  Several years ago, my friend Evva told me she does it this way.  Because she knows a whole lot about most everything, I gave it a try!

 It worked well for us last year, and we enjoyed the fruit in a variety of ways all year round.  I used two methods: Lazy and Extra-Lazy. 


Lazy Method (peeled peaches for use in cobblers and such): I peeled ’em, sliced ’em and popped ’em into zip-lock bags. 

Extra Lazy (for use in smoothies): I quartered ’em peel and all, removed the pits, and tossed them into big zip-locks. 

It might not work as well with a frost-free freezer.  And, I’m sure there is a more proper way to do it.  But.. this way gets it DONE.  Which for me right now is perfect. 

Posted by Sandlappersue

Could you share your cinnamon roll recipe sometime? Thank you.
Prayers for an easy pregnancy,


Answer: We have a scrumptious recipe for cinnamon rolls somewhere, but lately have taken to streamlining this too.  When we make our Staff of Life Bread (which makes 6 loaves) we simply roll one loaf’s worth out instead of shaping it and plopping it right into the bread pan.  Once rolled out flat we coat it in butter, then sprinkle on cinnamon and brown sugar (probably about 1/2-3/4 of a cup brown sugar and a tablespoon of cinnamon).  Finally we roll it up, seal the ends, put it into a loaf pan, and bake it  like the other non-cinnamon loaves. 

Posted by hskubes

I love the new family photo at the bottom of the posts. Where did it come from? Did someone paint/draw it or was it digitally altered?

~ Christina

Answer: It is mostly digitally altered from our family portrait.  I turned the family portrait into a line drawing in Photoshop, then printed it out and colored it in with colored pencil.  (The children love it when mommy colors too. )  I then scanned that in and had the picture you see at the bottom of these blog pages.  

I saved the uncolored black and white line drawing, as it will serve as our final “time line figure” in our history blitz.  They will color in their own versions to go in their history notebooks, and we will put a small version on our timeline.

I just noticed something when looking at our family portrait.  I have exactly the same pose in that photograph as I do in the avatar picture up at the top-righ of this blog.  I wonder if I always have my head cocked to the side like that.  No wonder my neck hurts. 


2 thoughts on “Question and Answer

  1. You must be partial to your left side for some reason…reminds me of when people say…oh get my good side and turn to whatever side it is 🙂

    I loved your answer to my post earlier today…you are quite wise yourself. I would have never thought to answer him in that way.

    I love your family portrait you colored as well…I want to do something like that now 🙂 I have to get my husband to a portrait studio first though!


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