Morning sickness has me at half-mast this week, but life continues merrily along.

Here’s a few newsflashes:

  • Helpful hint: Don’t put the tube of diaper rash cream in the same drawer where you keep the toothpaste. Not a pleasant surprise on a groggy morning.
  • Never one to put small toys in his mouth indoors, Keegan, apparently trying to self-treat for mineral deficiency, must be constantly watched outside. He can’t resist putting rocks and pebbles in his mouth.
  • A sure and easy way to please my children is to serve their lunch at the picnic table outside. Ah simple pleasures!  (Keeps crumbs off the kitchen floor too.  Alas… it probably won’t be practical when the snow starts flying in a month or two.)
  • The orbiting object formerly known as Pluto is now renamed as asteroid number 134340.  (Prairiefrog hat tip to Scott Somerville)

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