While I was at the midwife’s

While I was at the midwife’s for a regular check on our Baby K, my sweet, wonderful, night-shift-man stayed up and ground grain and made: 3 loaves of bread, 2 loaves of cinnamon roll bread, and 1 pizza for dinner!

The cinnamon is supposed to be for breakfasts, but I’m eating a slice now.  YUMMY!

We heard the baby’s heartbeat today.   The eldest two girls went along with me, eager to hear.  (Keianna and Keegan stayed home and helped Daddy bake.)


7 thoughts on “While I was at the midwife’s

  1. Having a night shift dh I know how VERY speical it is when they do things like this and sacrifice for the family…..God bless them!!

    So happy you heard a heartbeat!! Yeaaaaaa

  2. Congratulations on your expected little one! I enjoyed your article on the Front Porch and decided to check out your blog. How refreshing and enjoyable! I’ll be sure to check back often, now that I’ve “met” you!


  3. A double blessing day indeed! #1 dh blessed you by baking bread and watching littles when he could’ve been sleeping and #2 you heard the heartbeat!!! That precious sound never ceases to amaze me and cause me to tear up. Glad all is well!


  4. How nice is that? It makes me hungry for cinnamon bread. Made by loving hands. Thanks for doing Taming the Chaos, you are doing such a super job!

    Abiding in the Vine!

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