Organization and the Computer

The computer is a great tool for helping organize, but requires a bit of organization itself. A little bit of preventive maintenance can save a lot of headache.

We all KNOW we should back up important files to disk, but have you DONE it recently? Don’t procrastinate, just do it.  Have a date in the back of your head when you will do this regularly–the first of every month, perhaps. After a close call last year which nearly cost me months of lost data, I learned my lesson. Now my digital pictures, and any important documents copied onto CDROM or disk each month.Friday is cleaning day here at my house and the computer is not exempt. I run a full virus scan with my antivirus software, then I also run CleanUp! and Spybot. These two handy shareware/freeware programs are available for free download online. CleanUp! will delete temporary files, old cookies, and such. I use their “standard” setting, so as to not delete bookmarks and other “keepers”. Just click on “options” before your first run to let it know how aggressive a cleanup you desire. Spybot roots out any spyware or adware lurking in your computer and gets rid of these little beasties that can sacrifice privacy while gumming up the works.

If you are dependent on your bookmarked webpages and would be lost without them in a crash or ISP change (or if you go online from various ISPs or computers), then give Portaportal a try. Portaportal saves your favorite links online. (Although homeschoolblogger Jimmie thinks it sounds like porta-potty, she confirms that it is very cool!)

(This article is cross-posted from my Taming The Chaos column on the HSB Company Blog)


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