Packing check list:

Packing for the mountains!  We are running for the hills again!

See that lovely mountain meadow at the top of my blog? That’s where we are going! We are packed up and ready to head to the cabin.


Underwear and other clothing-CHECK




Um… Chrysalis?

Yep! Some time ago Ken brought home a very hungry monarch caterpillar, and we enjoyed watching him shed his skin, and eat astounding amounts of milkweed. Last week he began his metamorphosis, and is scheduled to emerge while we are gone. Not wanting to miss the monarch drying his wings, we’ll just take him along.

With a little mountain-side climbing sure to be on the agenda for the weekend, I packed an “overall” style romper for Keianna. Because we typically wear dresses, trying them on was a new experience for her. She saw them laid out for her to try on, and asked, “New dress for me?” Soon though she realized it wasn’t a typical dress–it had legs. “This is not dress. This bloomer?”

I answered that it wasn’t bloomers, but “overalls”. She called them “over-overs” and put them on.  They fit beautifully and she was quite pleased.  The name for this new article of clothing didn’t stick though. A minute later she said, “This Keegan clothes.”

Well, hers are definitely girly overalls, but, since Keegan is usually the only one in the house to wear overalls I smiled at the association, repeating again, “Keianna, these are your new overalls.”

A moment later, back in her jumper, she returned to the playroom. Big-sister-Kendra asked her what she’d gotten to try on and she explained, “I try on Keegan clothes with pretty flowers on them.”

We are all ready to go.  The chrysalis is loaded up and “Keegan clothes” are packed for each of the three girls.  (I packed Keegan clothes for Keegan too.)


4 thoughts on “Packing check list:

  1. I think that is so precious, how from so young children can tell gender differences in clothing choices. I hope you have an adventurous weekend, as well as the chrysalis!! How neat. 🙂


  2. Now D1 looks at it the other way around–when she sees D2 about to wear snap-bottom short overalls, she thinks he’s putting on a jumper!

  3. That is such a cute exchange about the “Keegan clothes” for Keianna. May I use it for an example in one of my classes this semester?

    I hope you all have a fun time in the mountains! 😀 Hopefully we’ll see each other on IM when you get back!

    Adrienne 🙂

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