Going to drastic lengths

Kendra’s fine, delicate hair has been a challenge. Braids, twists or clips damage it so easily, and leaving it to hang free is disastrous. Something had to be done to keep it tidy and out of the spaghetti, soup, mud and wind.

A while back I cut a little fringe of a bang, which helped, but more drastic measures were needed. We decided to take a plunge and try a cute bob.

Here’s my Keddie with her new “do”



6 thoughts on “Going to drastic lengths

  1. That looks great! I’m really eager to finally be able to cut my little girl’s hair–she almost needs bangs now. I don’t think I could do anything as even as that, but fortunately her hair is curly enough that it won’t matter.

  2. I have to cut my girl’s when they are small. Too funny, I’m posting my girls hair today too. Sonya wanted her hair shorter for soccer season, so we went with it. Alayna’s is a bit too short for my taste, but it got messed up and she had to go shorter. Oh well. It grows.
    Anyways, I think she looks beautiful and getting SO big!!

  3. My youngest dd has the same kind of hair. In fact, in doesn’t grow much at all so it’s always in a bob. I got really close to getting in to her shoulders and then she took a pair of scissors to it. I wanted to cry. Now it’s back to chin length. One of these days it will grow out long and I can braid it. In the mean time, she likes for me to pull her hair up in two little pony tails on the top so she look like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I treasure Sundays when she wants that done.


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