Trojan Horses, Helen, Homer and such

We’ve been enjoying the Greek Myths, and legends, and the history that they tell.

At church on Sunday, another homeschool mom asked Kaira which subject is her favorite.  Without hesitating, Kaira said, “History!”  I later asked her what makes that subject her favorite, and answered, “Because I like the stories.  It is fun to read stories about different people.”

Here’s our most recent timeline figures:


3 thoughts on “Trojan Horses, Helen, Homer and such

  1. I love the time line figures! We are reading The Aeneid by Virgil right now and finished the portion of the story about the Trojan Horse. One thing that I never realized was that Odysseus (of the Odyssey) is the one who came up with the whole horse idea!

    This is an interesting site about the Trojan War where you may find some interesting details–not really for children though!

  2. I love reading your posts about your school. IT looks so fun and interesting. I sometimes get so worried about getting it all done, I forget to make it fun. YOur posts, photos, etc…inspire me.

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