History in the making!

Kaira is mostly over her disappointment of Pluto’s un-planeting, thanks to Jay Ryan.

Today she noted that while her beloved Apologia astronomy book (printed before the decision) lists nine planets, her children will likely learn their planets from updated books reflecting the revised eight planet list. She wondered whether their books would note that Pluto had been considered a planet just a generation prior. Carefully placing her personally addressed letter from Jay from Cleveland in her astronomy book, she declared that she will tell her children about “when she was a little girl” and how she could remember when the scientists thought there were nine planets instead of eight.

Four year old Kendra piped up and said, “This reminds me of HISTORY!” It is great to see them grasp history’s continuity and flow.  Both of the eldest girls have been making connections that show and understanding of eras, civilizations, and time.

History is being made each day. Our final timeline figure was to be the line drawing of our family, yet, unless we finish our history blitz before April, a new family photo will be required to include our latest addition. History is a story in progress, with events happening every day!

Here’s a screen-print of Jay’s letter on his Classical Astronomy Blog (and our blog post to which he’s responding is here.) :


2 thoughts on “History in the making!

  1. I enjoy reading about your children and their conversations! History is in the making…it reminds me of that song, “I’m gonna be a history maker in this land, I’m gonna stand, I’m gonna run into His arms again” I know I am probably mixing those verses all up! LOL

    Have a wonderful and blessed week! ((Hugs)) Jessie

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