Togas are Roman and Pluto’s Not a Planet

It occurred to me last night that Detectives In Togas has no business on our coffee table at the moment.  The mere title should have clicked in my brain, but I don’t know HOW I let it slip in with the books on Ancient Greece.  It is set in ancient Rome, and will therefore grace our coffee table in a month or so, but not yet.

So, when readingmy previous post, please forgive my brainfog.

Of course, after waking up to discover that Pluto is no longer a planet, my misplacing a book in the wrong era is petty news.

Yep, that’s right.  As of this morning, poor Pluto is officially demoted.  Homeschoolblogger Jay Ryan, of Classical Astronomy has the scoop.  (Although Jay is in favor of Pluto’s demotion, I must confess I hate to see the little planet loose its distinction.)  Pluto isn’t the first one-time-planet to be shamed with demotion.  In the 1800’s Ceres (now considered an asteroid) was given planetary status for a time.  Now Pluto joines Ceres and some UB313 aka Xena thing-a-majig in a sub-planetary class of “dwarf planets” or “Trans-Neptunian Objects”.

Here’s more on this universe altering news.


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