More Details regarding that last post!

Thank you all for sharing our joy at Keegan’s pictorial announcement below!  The pictorial hints were pretty clear, but I wonder if anyone was suspicious from a tiny reference at the end of a post before it?

The due date is April 1st, but because I’ve never yet made it to a due date, we are planning on a March baby!  March will add a bit of variety to our birthday calendar.  Ken’s birthday is October 29th, and Kendra’s is January 10th.  All the rest of us are sandwiched in-between those two dates!  Barely over 2 months with 6 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!

Kendra has never liked having her birthday be the last one in the string, so she’s particularly excited!  Actually, she was excited before knowing the due date.  We told the girls just a couple weeks after finding out ourselves.  A celebratory meal of Belgian waffles set the stage, and as we prepared the batter we hinted that we had a surprise.  They made all manner of guesses about the surprise, but after we told them the eldest girls (both bouncing and nearly jumping out of their seats with excitement) agreed that a new baby was better than any of their guesses!

Talk among the eldest two (Ages 4 and 6) has revolved around the new baby much of the time.  My belly has gotten many hugs, and pats, and they are eager to help.

After the announcement we had difficulty getting the children settled down enough to finish their waffles.  (And waffles with fruit and whipped cream usually keep their attention quite well.)


7 thoughts on “More Details regarding that last post!

  1. So happy for your family! I just saw the pictures and that is just too cute!! Praying you have a wonderful pregnancy :o)

  2. I am very excited for you, what a blessing. Please keep us informed and updated with pictures.
    Oh, I have tagged you, stop by my site to see the tag.

  3. That’s so nice that the children were excited. What a blessing. I’m so happy for you all. Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s been neglected the last week, due to my parents arriving for a week long visit on Sunday. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration on the cute picture of your family at the bottom of the comments. I have the same fabric that the girls’ dresses are made from. I never thought of mixing the two similar fabrics like you did for Kaira’s dress.(I have both fabrics as well) Thanks for the great idea. I’m sure you will be happy with whatever sex the baby is, but it would be great for Keegan to have a little brother. I had two girls 22 months apart, and then two boys who are 20 months apart. They love each other so much, to the point that it amuses all of us in the house. When they wake up in the morning the first thing they do is give each othre a big hug, as if they hadn’t seen each in a very long time. ;0) Now my beloved is saying “the drive for five or one for the thumb.” I think everyone is ready for another little blessing. ;0)


  4. I love the reaction that children have over new babies. I had people tell me so many times that having babies so close would make them jealous and not like the babies. I have never experienced that at all. My children were just as excited about our new baby as you described. They are even trying to name the baby. hehehe!!!

    As far as the birthdays go, I totally understand that. Between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day we will have 4 birthdays in our immediately family and 3 grandparents. Our Jan and Feb get very busy around here and it’s about to increase with the arrival of this baby. He/she is the due the day after my oldest ds birthday. Neither one of us can decide if it would be good to share or birthday or not. I am willing to give the baby my birthday but I am not sure I am willing to go two weeks over my due date to get there. LOL!!!! God only knows and the true excitement will mount after New Years. (And with my history of births, I would very easily have a Christmas baby that is perfectly healthy. hmmm. Now there is a thought.)

    I hope you are feeling well these days. God Bless.


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