Jumping back in

We’ve gotten “back to school” after a brief summer break I didn’t plan to have.  Yesterday was a bit bumpy, but soon I expect things will be back to our usual cozy structure.

Kaira and Kendra were both excited to be back to their tasks.  I started using some homeschool planning (Homeschool Tracker) software to give them each a daily task list, and liked having an list in front of them in black and white.


3 thoughts on “Jumping back in

  1. Hello. You have a beautfiul family. I just wanted to ask you how you like using the homeschooling software? I have four children, and I purchased Edu-track, but haven’t take full advantage of it. Do you like using yours? Thank for any input you may have.

  2. Where did you find Homeschool Tracker? Online? Have you heard of other ones that you might also recommend?

    If you don’t mind, could you read my post for today and give me your input? I know you make your own bread, etc. and seem to be pretty frugal so I would love to know what your response would be.

  3. Boy, I feel like most of my days are spent trying to stay on some sort of structure. I took the summer off, just to have spent a hectic, chaotic time trying to “get it all done”, well, most of it. Then I paid dearly by having to spend four hours doing two math sheets with one crying boy the first day “back to school”. Ugh! I have tried so many different ways of going about my day… but I am a Random Abstract… constantly looking for a Cozy Structure! Could you share what you do to stay focused and on track?? It might just work for silly me.

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