Air Show!

We watched an Air Show from our front yard this morning.  Next year we may actually attend, as I’m sure it is more dramatic from the intended vantage point, but it was still quite impressive!  Over the field behind our house a hawk was circling and giving his own air show!  Unfortunately, He was circling a bit high to be photogenic.


5 thoughts on “Air Show!

  1. We lived on an Air Station for 5 years, and I still never tire of it!! We had an air show every other year, and I miss it now!!! Kids are so fun to watch when they see one, too. I never tire of kids reactions to things.
    (Sidenote: My two year old’s favorite shoes are the same as the ones your girls are wearing, but hers are dark pink. I’ve heard they’re very comfy!!??)

  2. Air shows are so much fun. My 5 y.o. son really loved the pictures, thanks for sharing.
    BTW – love your daughters’ dresses!


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