Sibling Tots

Keianna holding her baby brother (Who is as almost big as she is)


4 thoughts on “Sibling Tots

  1. I wish mine, for the size reason only!, were closer together, as it upsets my 7 1/2 year old that my 2 3/4 year old is WAY to close to her size for her comfort!! Never did we think we’d have that issue with them being 5 year apart!!!
    I’m really being funny, but it’s quite humorous to see Alayna in a dress Sonya wore about 2 years ago!!
    I noticed Keianna’s haircut, is that new? Cutie!! I think the collage you made with the photos is great!! I love catching soooo many more moments with my digital camera than I could with my other. I’m so glad the Lord, AND my husband, finally agreed that I needed one!! Saves us SO much on develping!!!
    I’m sooo chatty tonight!! Have a great week!

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