11 Years!

Today is our wedding anniversary!  We will have a nice meal at home and a quiet celebration.  Steak and lobster, and corn cobs on the grill.  Yummy!

The flowers are from on of our minitature rose bushes.  Ken was laughing as I snapped several pictures of them and asked if I was taking a few shots because they “wouldn’t pose right the first time.”

11 years ago my sweet guy said, “I do.”  I’m blessed indeed.


6 thoughts on “11 Years!

  1. Nowhere but here on a homeschool blogger site would you receive a congraulations on your 11th Anniversary from a complete “stranger.” Doesn’t it seem strange at times?

    You have a beautiful family! I love your anniversary bouquet, too!

    My favorite photo on your blog is of your two girls on your July 4th post. Absolutely darling! Did you make the dresses? So sweet.

    My dh and I will celebrate our 26th anniversary this September. By the grace of God we’ve enjoyed 25.10 years together.

    Have a great weekend and a blessed Sabbath~

  2. My awesome husband and I celebrated ours June 9th…..yup….11 years!!
    We also celebrate with our children, they ARE the fruit!!
    What beautiful roses, I also take a bunch of shots of whatever I post, when it’s specifically for the blog, now I have all of these unwanted photos that I MUST delete!!
    Have a wonderful evening!!

  3. on celebrating no.11! I am very excited for you. DH and I celebrated no. 13 in April. It goes by so fast. 😀

    Those pictures are just too cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy Beth<

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    1995 was a good year for marriages. We married on the 28th July :o)

    I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your marriage and guide you in every step you take together.

    (and I’m glad I figured out how to comment here! I love to read your blog, Dell, and it drove me mad when I thought I couldn’t comment. What a dunderhead I am!)

  5. How beautiful your site is, as well as your family! I came upon your site quite by accident looking for some material for a children’s sermon. Your pictures are lovely…your family is inspiring.

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