Goin’ to the Dogs

We are puppy sitting for two little Westland terrors… er um… terriers.

They are actually adorable little fluff balls. They follow me everywhere and have a knack for being underfoot.  My 7 year old Corgi minds his own business most of the day, so having two little noses touching my hem everywhere I go is a little bizarre. I’m just not used to having puppy dogs follow me around like… well… like a puppy dog!

The children are enjoying them, and it is fun to have something different happening.

Here’s the visiting Westies and our own Corgi.


4 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Dogs

  1. and better you than me 🙂 I love dogs, as long as they’re someone elses! lol Just stopping by to say “hello”!

  2. …all three of them!

    Don’t know if I ever heard/read… but did you ever find a used copy of Jack & Jill by L.M. Alcott? If you haven’t a clue what I’m referring to, Click here. 🙂

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