Derailed school

School’s been slow due to summer colds, parties… and well, just plain mommy laziness.

Mostly I need to get back in gear. The children are eager for some of our usual school, but as their teacher has gotten lost in the breakroom, they’ve taken initiative on some independent study. Kaira’s been progressing with her typing, and Kendra is learning 10 key to facilitate her drill in online math facts. Both girls have been devouring (just for fun) Abeka readers I picked up second hand.

We’ve been reading about ancient Egypt and doing some science experiments, but mostly just having lazy, lazy days.

I’ve been enjoying watching Keegan–the little fellow (18 months) is finally walking a bit! Verbally he reminds me of my eldest, as he’s already strings several words together in pigeon sentences!  I would have predicted that my only boy would be more physically precocious and a little slower to pick up on verbal skills.  Isn’t it funny how children surprise us?

Yawn, ho hum…I’ve got to find my way out of the teacher’s lounge and get back to the class room!


5 thoughts on “Derailed school

  1. I love lazy summer days. But I am really looking forward to fall and the new school year. Not to mention cooler weather.

  2. My girls loved the Abeka readers as well, but they ADORED the Pathway readers and insisted on finishing all eight grade levels! Even the first grade–just learning to read–books were interesting and they are one of the few curriculum items that I have saved from those early years.

    I initially bought these for my son because they have only simple drawings and so Josh tended to concentrate more on reading and less on making up his own fanciful versions of the text. The stories were captivating enough and so even HE liked reading them. And that’s saying something!

  3. i just posted about something similar; it’s been soooooooooooooo lazy around these parts. i can’t remember the last time we cracked open a math book

  4. Is that any consolation???

    We’ll be sticking with long and lazy summer days for the rest of our schooling years. School in summer always sounds wonderful to me and then it never works! We’re doing swimming lessons, a couple of camps, and spending time playing at the pool. Otherwise, getting a bit of music in, making meals, and having devotions before bed is about all I can accomplish!

    We’ll be back at it in about a month. I’ll be ready. 🙂

  5. We took June off to adjust to the new baby. We did school the first two weeks, since I was on bedrest it was easy to focus on school. Then we ditched school to get the house back in order. I had planned to take July off as well and get back to things in August. We finally finished up what we needed for this past school year and now they are begging to dive into the new stuff. So we decorated our astronomy notebooks today and will be doing a few other preparatory things before getting started on Monday.

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