Tomorrow we PARTY!

It seems we are often behind on our holidays!  While we did remember Independence Day some on the 4th, we are gearing up for our big celebration tomorrow! The children have been excited for weeks and are quite delighted that the “big day” is almost here, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of cousins grandparents (three sets!), and an aunt and uncle.

We plan to cook out on the fire-pit (brats, roasted apples and s’mores!).  There will be munchies galore.  Fireworks (they are legal here) begin at dusk.

Come on out to the prairie tomorrow–where the deer and the antelope play among amber waves of grain! We Prairiefrogs will be celebrating our freedom!

Now, I’m to finish off the laundry and get in party-prep mode!


One thought on “Tomorrow we PARTY!

  1. Hi, I’m new on here and just wanted to come by and say hello. Your blog is great. Your children are just beautiful, and have such beautiful names! I was glad that I read far enough to see how you pronounce them. I was doing it wrong! I’ll be back to visit soon….

    Love, Kathy

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