Tadpole wanted: Dead or alive (The continuing saga)

Despite my qualms, it turned out that the children were eager to examine the tadpole–dead or alive.

When their night-shift-Daddy awoke in the afternoon, we simply asked them, “Would it be interesting to try looking at the tadpole under the microscope, or would you rather not?” Both the oldest girls begged to see!

Kaira was funny. She seemed so excited that I reminded, “The tadpole is dead, remember?” Ever the scientist, her enthusiasm was unaffected as she exclaimed, “We might still see cells and things!”

Unfortunately we didn’t see much of anything. The tadpole had mostly disintegrated into the water. Even the water itself, which we hoped would contain some micro-organisms, was disappointing. We really couldn’t make out anything organic at all, just magnified sandy matter. As Kendra (while peering into the eyepiece) said, “I see different browns.”

Ah well. We will hope that the replacement tadpole arrives healthy and happy, and proves a more interesting study.


4 thoughts on “Tadpole wanted: Dead or alive (The continuing saga)

  1. Wouldn’t you know, the things we stress ourselves out about wind up not phasing our kids a bit and then wham, something seemingly innocent knocks them sideways!

    Shortly after my youngest daughter acquired her pet rabbit I was walking down the frozen food aisle of the grocery store with her and noticed frozen rabbit. I unthinkingly pointed it out and then moved on. I was halfway down the next aisle before I noticed my daughter wasn’t with me. I went back around the corner and there she was, rooted to the spot.

    As I approached she looked up at me with big, huge eyes and whispered hoarsely, “Mommy, do people really eat bunnies?” I said yes, and hoping to soften the blow I then proceeded to tell her that hamburgers were in fact cows, pork chops were pigs and chicken was, well, a chicken. Needless to say, this helped not at all!

    My poor daughter and I finished our shopping excursion in complete silence. As I was putting the key into the ignition, Rebecca turns to me and says in a rather resigned voice, “Mom, I like steak too much.” I think that was my then eight year old’s internal debate on adopting a vegetarian lifestyle–she “lost” becuase she adores steak!

  2. my children are currently fascinated with a dead frog that is entangled in a spider web by our house!

  3. Dell, I’m catching up on blogs. Read all the entries I’d missed recently. I have nothing profound to say. Just Hi and blessings to you. Your family is so precious!!

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