Educational or macabre?

If the Grow-a-frog tadpole is dead on arrival:

Would you still make a science project out of it by viewing the expired taddy under the microscope?

Grow-a-frog, will ship a replacement, as per their “live delivery guarantee”, so the children will ultimately get a live froglett to watch day-to day.

Yet, I’m debating whether my young scholars would find examining the deceased specimen to be an educational exercise or a morbid one.

In general my children are pretty “matter of fact” about animal deaths.  Finding a dead bird in the yard is likely to inspire a philosophical remark, but no major grief.

What do you think?  Would you put taddy on a slide?


8 thoughts on “Educational or macabre?

  1. I would do it. Death is a part of life. We’ve weathered many pet losses and those we bury with pomp and circumstance, but your children don’t have an emotional attachment so unless one objects, go for it! You won’t need to be overly-gentle and a closer look now might save the life of the next wee tadpole.

  2. In a heartbeat! It’s an excellent opportunity and I’d jump at the chance. Of course, I’m the same lady that spent time on Thanksgiving dissecting the turkey’s heart and lungs just before company arrived for our meal, so you may not wanna listen to my opinion!

  3. As long as you know, for the most part, they won’t be too upset, I think it is fine. It seems to me as well that it would be a great opportunity to talk about death, as well as just look at something cool!!!

  4. That is, if the experiment won’t frighten them. I get the sense that it won’t.

    Let us know how it turns out. 🙂

    — Julie in Ohio

  5. We ended up with 2 grown frogs. Oh joy. They were so dirty that the aquarium had to be cleaned a lot or it really stunk. One time, my husband fed them. I had told him not to use a metal spoon that had been in the dishwasher, but he forgot. I then got to watch them go into convulsions, become paralyzed, then die and bloat up. Yes, I have fond memories of those frogs.

    Enjoy your experience! 😀

  6. My mom and I actually found a freshly killed armadillo last year and brought it home to the kids (my 5 school age children, and my 7 youngest school-age sibs). They were facinated! We ended up disecting it, examining the stomach contents and identifying other organs. Gross, but highly educational even for Mom and me.

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