Q&A for QuietCajun: Pillows and Pronunciations

Posted by quietcajun

She is so sweet!

I love the pillow she has in that photo. Did you make it?

Also, I have been meaning to ask? How do you pronounce Keianna? Is it like KEY-ANNA or is it AH-NA??? Either way, pretty name!

What about Kaira? Does it rhyme with Sarah? or is it KAY-RAH?

I think I can figure out how to pronounce Kendra and Keegan though! LOL!


My dear, sweet, mother-in-law made the pillow–It coordinates with the quilt Keianna’s bed!   The girls all have calico quilts, each unique, and Keegan has an airplane one.

On name pronunciations: We say Keianna as Key-ah-na.  Kaira sounds like Cairo (Egypt) except for the ‘a’ at the end.

Thanks for asking and commenting, I appreciate the comments.


One thought on “Q&A for QuietCajun: Pillows and Pronunciations

  1. We have a friend name Kyra (pronounced like your Kaira) I like your spelling better though! I love all of your children’s names! and I am soooo enjoying your blog!

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