My eldest wants to be a spider

I enjoy Kaira’s slant on life:

Exasperated that her handwriting didn’t meet her self-imposed standards, and annoyed with a tricky typing test, she exclaimed, “I wish I was a spider!”

I could relate to the frustration, but not to her desire to become an arachnid.  “Um… why a spider?”

Her reply: “Because they don’t have to practice. God makes them so they know how to make a web right the first time.”


6 thoughts on “My eldest wants to be a spider

  1. I thought she was going to say she wanted more hands! LOL! She’s much more perceptive than I am. Why wish for more inadequate limbs, just ask for a solution to the root of the problem!

  2. As always, you have adorable chidren!

    An interesting thought, about not having instincts. We could either be free to choose God, or we could live with the ready made knowledge in which case we aren’t free to choose God, we just would.

    Abiding in the Vine!

  3. What a perceptive little girl who can think abstractly! I’d want to be a spider so I can have more hands. Oh wait…spiders have legs 😦 More proof that evolution isn’t true…Or I would’ve gotten another set of hands for every child I have 🙂 I’m really enjoying your blog. I hope to start one sometime this month!

    Renee aka 6littlelambs on the Shed

  4. I just read this to my dh and he laughed and said “Sounds like something Jay would say”. I so enjoy reading about your family, but sometimes it’s a bit eerie to see how similiar our children seem to be.

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