Sleepy Tadpoles

We had a grand time yesterday visiting with cousins–they had traveled across the country and were to be staying at my parents’ house just a few hours drive from us.

My relatives are fun–even if they weren’t relatives I’d choose them as friends!

It was well worth it, but we came home late and exhausted.  Today I indulged in being a lump, skipping school to let the children play on their own a bit.

It didn’t take long until the house became unnaturally quiet, and I went to investigate. I found a peaceful scene.  The two oldest were reading, and the little ones were sound asleep.

Keianna opened her eyes when I stooped down to take her picture:


4 thoughts on “Sleepy Tadpoles

  1. I enjoy those days… the relaxing after a big day… and the quiet- unless it’s the quiet that comes when they’re up to something sneaky…
    Cute pic,
    enjoy them,

  2. She is so sweet!

    I love the pillow she has in that photo. Did you make it?

    Also, I have been meaning to ask? How do you pronounce Keianna? Is it like KEY-ANNA or is it AH-NA??? Either way, pretty name!

    What about Kaira? Does it rhyme with Sarah? or is it KAY-RAH?

    I think I can figure out how to pronounce Kendra and Keegan though! LOL!

  3. Sophie has a quilt that her Grandma made with some squares of that same lavender rose print that is in your pillow. Actually, the quilt was made for me (by my MIL), but I gave it to Sophie, because it matches the colors in her room. The boys also have twin-sized quilts that Grandma made: a pattern with kites and a pattern with bears, cabins and trees. You just gave me the idea to post some pictures of her handiwork on my blog sometime…

    Do you make any of your girls’ dresses? They always have such pretty clothes.

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