A Goating we did go

Although we are still the goatless variety of homeschoolers, we enjoy fresh milk and visitation priveleges from goatherd friends nearby.

Yesterday afforded an opportunity to “go goating”.  Side attractions were two llamas, the strangest assortment of dogs, and an enormous goose with lots of personality.


Keegan with me:


And Kaira–feeding the kids:

The eldest girls watched the milking process too.


5 thoughts on “A Goating we did go

  1. to go goating! We tried our hands at goats, we went to a farm auction, bought 2 baby goats and by the time we got home we had 1 baby goat. One died before we even got home! Can you believe it? And to top it off poor Baby Goat “Jimmy” died a week later! Apparently God didn’t intend for us to have goats. How’s that for a good laugh?


  2. Oh, cute!

    I’ve been enjoying all your school posts. I have just been so busy, no time to comment! I was discussing your methods of homeschooling with my husband on the way to church tonight. You’re such a good mama!

    Tammy @ Tammy’s Times

  3. I see you homeschool and homestead. We just purchased 20 acres in Shelbyville TN. We feel a real pull to get back to daily interaction with the land and animals. We have horses now but want to get cows and chickens once we get moved in.

    There is a new video coming out titled “Inherit the Land: Adventures on the Agrarian Journey” You can see a clip at

    Lots of Bible object lessons come to life with this lifestyle (not to mention healthier lifestyle)

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